Minimum Recommended System Configuration


U.S. Bank Global Trade is a robust online international trade platform designed to work on a variety of computer systems. To maximize your effectiveness on the platform, U.S. Bank recommends user workstations meet the following minimum system configuration requirements:


Hardware Requirements

      Virtual Graphics Array (VGA) color monitor.

      User workstation must also have printing capabilities. Laser printer supported by your internet browser with margin printable area to .25".


Software Requirements / Settings

It is recommended that U.S. Bank Global Trade user workstations have the following software installed and settings enabled:

      Operating System: Microsoft Edge (Edge) or Google Chrome (Chrome)

      Browser: Microsoft Edge (Edge) or Google Chrome (Chrome)

      128-bit encryption

      Adobe ReaderX (10.1.7)

      Network connection: Broadband (cable/DSL) or T1

      Screen display resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

      User must maintain a Static IP Address for their session.