What browser do I need to access U.S. Bank Global Trade?

U.S. Bank's only supported browsers are Microsoft Edge (Edge) and Google Chrome (Chrome).


What other software do I need to use Global Trade?

Adobe® Reader® software is required to print images and view downloaded batches. It is available free of charge from Adobe's website:



When is Global Trade available?

The application is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your transactions and reports for the current day's processing will be made available throughout the day. If routine maintenance or service is required, it will be performed between the hours of Midnight and 4:00 a.m. CT. System releases are typically installed on Friday evenings

after 8:00 p.m. CT.


What is the average time to retrieve information on Global Trade?

Response time depends on your PC speed and connection to the Internet. Faster PC's and high-speed Internet connections provide faster response times. When performing a search for an item, the more specific the criteria, the faster the results will be displayed.


What should I know about password security?

Please keep your passwords confidential. You will be required to change your password after logging in to the application for the first time. If you forget your password, you may reset it by clicking on “User Password Reset” under “Administration” tab in the left-hand navigation menu of Global Trade. Your System Administrator may also reset your password directly for you or call U.S. Bank Global Trade Help Desk to have it reset. Contact phone numbers may be found in the “Contact Us” section of this website.


Why did the application automatically log me off?

After fifteen minutes of inactivity, we will terminate your secured session for you. If your session is terminated before you have completed your activity, simply return to the "Login" page and start over. When you have finished your session, be sure to log off by clicking the "Logout" button located within Global Trade. It is also a good idea to close your browser after you log out and clear your browser history occasionally to ensure that your information is cleared from your browser's memory.


What is Single Login?

If you company is set up in SinglePoint® and/or Image Look, you will share the same CompanyID. With single sign on, you will be able to login and navigate between these applications using the same CompanyID, UserID and Password.